About Pugnose Lures:

My Name is Jeff Bryant and I collect Fred Arbogast Pugnose Lures. The Pugnose was introduced in 1973. A fast-swimming medium-running lure that has a very fast action. It was developed as a result of tournament fishing and requests of professional fishermen demanding a true-running lure that takes a great deal of abuse and consistently catches fish. I still use them today.
I recently acquired a large collection of Pugnoses. Below is a combination of all the different colors that I have in both sizes. On the left side are the 5/8 oz. with 1/4 oz. below it. On the right are ones where I don't have the color in both sizes. Some of the 1/4 oz.on the right have oversize hooks and no cup on the rear. I assume they were ordered that way.
Picture of my collection.

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